The Airport Ground Handling is one of the precise among all which we are providing. This course provides all information from the basic about the industry.

Generally Airport Ground Handling is nothing but servicing the aircrafts while it is on the ground which covers a wide variety of services for the airlines delivered at airports in support of the operation of safe air services. It includes not only highly technical services such as maintenance, fuelling, cargo handling and also services which is essential to passenger’s safety.

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PRIVATE PILOT (PPL) :The Private Pilot (PPL) course is the first step in the process of becoming a professional airline pilot. The License allows you to carry passengers, but you will not be able to fly for compensation or hire.

COMMERCIAL PILOT (CPL) : The Commercial Pilot course builds upon the knowledge that you have received in your private pilot training. It also introduces the privileges and limitations set forth by civil aviation authority for commercial pilots.

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Air hostess is one of the fascinating and valuable professions concerned with making the journey of the passengers more comfortable and safe. It is a service providing job which meets the requirement of the passengers. They are responsible for passenger’s safety and are trained to deal with security and emergency situations. It is a very lucrative career in the industry.

The aspiring candidates should have few exceptional qualities within them – sense of responsibility, pleasing personality, presence of mind, initiative, good physique, patience to work long hours, systematic approach towards duty, good appearance, communication and interactive skills, language proficiency, pleasant voice, team spirit, positive attitude, sense of humour and so on.

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The Flight Dispatcher shares equal and joint responsibility with the Pilot in Command for the safety and operational control of the flight. Flight dispatcher is responsible for planning and monitoring the progress of an aircraft journey.

In airline operations, both the Pilot and the Flight Dispatcher are legally responsible for the safety of a flight. The Flight Dispatcher is responsible for the economic, operational control, and passenger service requirements for daily flight operations.

The Flight Dispatcher may have the authority to delay, divert or cancel the flight at any time and the flight may not able to be released without the signature of both Pilot and Flight Dispatcher again, depending on the jurisdiction.

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Radio officer is a key-person in the operation department of an airline and there is a growing need for trained professional in this field. In air transportation the information and instructions transmitted are of vital importance in assisting in the safe and expeditious operation of aircraft. On the other hand, the use of non-standard procedures and phraseology can lead to misunderstanding. This elaborates the importance of using correct and precise standard phraseology. Students will be trained accordingly to appear for RTR license exam from Wireless Planning and Co-ordination Wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communication, Government of India.

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This industry is a dynamic, intensive and booming work sphere with great scope for the use of creativity, imagination and global orientation which belongs to hospitality department.

The travel and tourism industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country and also contributes substantially to foreign exchange earned. As per the statistics during 2008 four million tourists visited India and spent US $8.9 billion, making India one of the major global tourist destinations.

Due to the improvement level of Travel and Tourism in India this has created jobs in a variety of related sectors, both directly and indirectly. Almost more than 20 million people are now working in India’s Travel and Tourism industry.

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The international hospitality industry is expanding rapidly and offers exciting job prospectus. It is a global business that offers opportunities in different types of organizations from multinational companies to owner managed business. Advancement in this industry is on a fast move. Our students find employment in areas such as hotel and restaurant management; confidence, exhibition and resort management; as well as tourism, business development and consultancy work. The curriculum covers the working of the hotel industry along with a comprehensive study of its various inter-related departments.

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Image makeover course has been created keeping in view the demand of the customer-centric and public facing industry verticals like Airlines, Hospitality, Airport, Public Relation, Travel and Tourism and premium fashion and lifestyle in addition to industries where advanced feel of image management expertise is required.

RICA is the only image management institute that exists in India and is the first to offer a comprehensive diploma course in image management that focuses specifically on these industries, although the learning is relevant across the industry verticals with customer-centric departments. In offering this comprehensive and in depth diploma course. RICA grooms individuals into highly respected professionals whose advice is sought after across industries.

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A study of successful people reveals that they look upon their lives as a career. They nurture their competencies and make them grow as they move from one life stage to another. They set their own personal benchmarks and raise the bar every day. At RICA, we provide a work environment that enables individuals to challenge themselves every day, push the limits of excellence and optimize their potential- professionally as well as personally.