The Flight Dispatcher shares equal and joint responsibility with the Pilot in Command for the safety and operational control of the flight. Flight dispatcher is responsible for planning and monitoring the progress of an aircraft journey.

In airline operations, both the Pilot and the Flight Dispatcher are legally responsible for the safety of a flight. The Flight Dispatcher is responsible for the economic, operational control, and passenger service requirements for daily flight operations.

The Flight Dispatcher may have the authority to delay, divert or cancel the flight at any time and the flight may not able to be released without the signature of both Pilot and Flight Dispatcher again, depending on the jurisdiction.


The candidate is required to have passed the higher secondary examination (10+2) with Maths and Physics from any recognized board, conducted by Govt. of India in any combination or any other recognized equivalent examination. The candidate must be at least 21 years of age.

Career Opportunities

  • Flight Operation Assistant
  • Assistant Flight Dispatcher
  • Flight Operation Executive
  • Airport Ground Dispatcher
  • Aircraft Dispatcher

Courses Offered


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