Personality Development


Personal Enhancement : The personality development is the key to go far in any field of one’s choice in today’s highly competitive world. This program is relevant at a time where the participants are at the threshold of their careers. The personality of a person is developed by constant work on their skills, appearance and interpersonal skills, which helps them to place themselves at an edge above the rest in their respective fields.

Business English & Spoken English English today is the language of the world. It is a language that has grown and in doing so encompassed words and phrases from several cultures into its fold. These modules will enable learners to acquire the ability and competence to communicate proficiency

Brief on Subjects


A study of successful people reveals that they look upon their lives as a career. They nurture their competencies and make them grow as they move from one life stage to another. They set their own personal benchmarks and raise the bar every day. At RICA, we provide a work environment that enables individuals to challenge themselves every day, push the limits of excellence and optimize their potential- professionally as well as personally.