• 1. Age: Between 17-24 years extendable to 25 years at the discretion of Remo International College of Aviation Management.
  • 2. Every applicant is required to comply with the following to complete the Admission Procedure:
  • 3. Firstly, the Enrollment form must be filled and submitted.
  • 4. 6 passport size photographs and 1 half size and 1 full size photograph taken in formal dress code must be presented along with the form.
  • 5. The Declaration in the Enrolment form must be signed in token of acceptance of the rules and regulations. The Enrollment fees can be paid in Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft.
  • 6. On the day of Enrollment candidates have to submit all their original educational certificates.
  • 7. If a trainee, due to any financial constraints, finds it difficult to pay the entire fee as down payment, the Management of Remo International College of Aviation may allow the trainee to pay the same in installments.
  • 8. After Enrollments, one week’s time is given to the candidate to pay their admission fee and complete all documents. If the Admission fee is not paid on time, from the 8th day of the enrollment a fine of Rs. 100/- per day is applicable to the candidate up to the 15th day of enrolment. From the 16th day of non- payment of admission fees the enrollment shall automatically stand cancelled and the enrolment amount shall be forfeited by the college under given circumstances.
  • 9. Payment of Admission fees and course fees must be made at the time of the admission.
  • 10. When the fees is paid in installments, the fees for the successive terms has to be submitted at the time of the admission for which the candidate must give post dated cheque, payable at the time of admission. Outstation cheque will not be accepted. The candidate/parents must also give an undertaking stating that post dated cheque shall not be dishonored under any circumstances, and if it so happens, the legal & incidental consequences will be borne by the candidate/parents. In addition a fine of Rs. 50/- per day and Rs. 750-1100/- for dishonored cheque for the 1st time and Rs. 1100 – 1500/- in case the cheque is dishonored for the 2nd time will be levied.
  • 11. The Enrolment receipt shall be withheld by the college till all the documents are submitted or till the enrolment form is completed in all respects.
  • 12. Applicants opting to pay the course fees as per the installment scheme will be issued a fee payment plan and a documents regarding post dated cheque, stating the details of the first and subsequent installments to be made,
  • 13. The trainee is required to pay his/her through bank draft/ postdated cheque, whenever it stands due. No notice, reminder or intimation will be given to the trainee regarding his/her obligation to pay the dues regularly. It shall be the responsibility of the trainee to ensure prompt and regular payment.
  • 14. Remo International College of Aviation reserves the right to take an undertaking from the trainee as well as from his/her parents not to provide placement opportunities in case criteria like height, vision, weight etc. are not met.
  • 15. On payment of the course fee, the trainee will be assigned an enrollment number by the management.
  • 16. The trainee must mention his/her enrollment number in ach correspondence with Remo International College of Aviation.


  • 1. Payment may be made by local post-dated cheque / demand drafts. Outstation trainees are required to make the payment through a local bank or through their respective local branches.
  • 2. Any fee, once paid by an applicant, cannot be transferred to any other individual.


  • 1. Heavy cost is borne by the academy at the time of the admission, Hence the fee once deposited, shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • 2. In case a trainee discontinues the course in between has to pay full-fee to get their original documents.
  • 3. In case the trainee is expelled due to non-payment of the fees, the course fees already paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


  • 1. It is imperative for the trainee to carry and wear their ID. Cards with in the firefly premises at all times.
  • 2. In case of the loss of the ID. Card, a duplicate will be issued only after producing a written request and a fine of Rs. 300/- for the same.


  • Students are advised to approach the training coordinator for any issues regarding the course-related technical issues.
  • In exceptional cases, where the training coordinator is unable to be of any assistance, the trainee may approach the center director at any time.


  • 1. The trainees must be punctual and regular in attending lectures and practical sessions.
  • 2. If a trainee has to take leave due to reasons beyond his/her control, he /she should get the leave sanctioned in advance by submitting a leave application clearly stating the reason for absence (and not giving vague “personal reasons”) to the center director.
  • 3. A trainee, who is unable to maintain the minimum attendance of 85 per cent, runs the risk of being dropped out of the course.
  • 4. No extra class will be arranged by the academy to compensate for the lessons that have not been attended by the trainee due to any circumstances.
  • 5. The trainee has to have a minimum attendance of 85 per cent, failing which he /she may not be provided with any placement assistance by the academy. The trainee will also not be permitted to sit for his/her exams hence DIPLOMA/CERTIFICATE will be awarded by the academy.


  • 1. The trainee must come fully prepared for the practical sessions and should complete the assignments given to him/her.
  • 2. The trainees should strictly follow the rules and regulations laid down for their practical sessions.
  • 3. Trainees under any circumstances should not bring their friends/relatives/visitors to the practical sessions/events held in the classroom.
  • 4. Training Programs – The trainees are advised to attend all the Training program regularly organized by the Academy (for e.g. Swimming, First Aid etc.) and such training sessions are to be taken seriously as they are an integral part of the course and the marks obtained in these training will count in the final examination for the award of the grade to the student.


  • 1. The trainee must take the module test and all the practical training seriously, bearing in mind the role of these training in the overall grading for the Diploma/Certificate and placement assistance. These tests will be conducted at the end of each semester.
  • 2. Re-test for improvement of marks or other reasons are not permitted.


  • 1. The trainee is permitted to avail the facilities of the center only during the tenure of his/her course, i.e. - after the course commences and only till the course is complete.
  • 2. Uniform – Trainees are expected to be in their proper uniforms/dress code.
  • 3. The Trainees are advised not to leave their personal belonging anywhere in the center. Remo International College of Aviation will not be held responsible for any loss of the belonging left at the center.
  • 4. The trainees are encouraged to use common courtesies with fellow students such as “please”, “Excuse me”, and Thank you” to enhance their interpersonal communication skills. They must also address each other as “Mr.” or “Ms” and the faculty as “Sir”, “Ma’am”.
  • 5. Smoking, drinking, eating, chewing (gum/paan) etc are strickly prohibited inside the Remo International College of Aviation premises.
  • 6. The academy’s furniture, computers and other equipment should be handled with care.
  • 7. In case of any damage to the equipment caused by a trainee, the trainee will be liable to pay for the same.
  • 8. The trainees are required to be present at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the class. Trainees late by 15 minutes will have to take permission from the center director before entering to the class.
  • 9. If the attendance are irregular or the trainees remains absent without information for more than 3 days, a letter will be dispatched to the parents by the regd. post
  • 10. The trainees are cautioned to maintain discipline in and around the Remo International College of Aviation premises. Any misconduct on their part will be strictly dealt with and recurrence of the same may even lead to the suspension of the trainee from the academy.
  • 11. Once a lecture has finished, the trainees are supposed to leave the academy and are advised not to hang around in and around the Academy’s premises without any valid reason.
  • 12. Trainees are advised not to carry along with them any cash, jewellery or any other expensive items to the academy or any other venue associated with Remo International College of Aviation
  • 13. Losses, if any, will be the sole responsibility of the trainee and NO CLAIM for the same will be entertained by the Academy under any circumstances. Trainees are required to keep their mobile phones switch off within the Remo International College of Aviation premises. Any trainee found using his/her phone will attract stern action against him/her in addition to the confiscation of his/her phone.
  • 14. During the training, Remo International College of Aviation will not be held responsible for any mishap of any nature.
  • 15. The parents are free to meet or call the center manager or the training coordinator at any time to discuss the progress of their ward.
  • 16. Notice Board- The trainees are advised to read the Notice Board regularly for any circulars or notices put up by the academy from time to time, to stay up-to-date with important information.


  • 1. In all matters involving disciple/disciplinary action, the decision of the Management shall be final.
  • 2. The Academy reserves the right to terminate the admissions of any trainees in case of any indiscipline/absenteeism/tardiness/delay or default in payment of fee/use of any unfair means in an examination or any misconduct.


  • 1. A student will only be allowed to appear in the final semester examination subject to a minimum attendance of 80%
  • 2. It is mandatory for every student to appear for both the semester exams to be eligible for Diploma certificate
  • 3. A provisional certificate will be issued to the students after the successful completion of the semester exam followed by a diploma from the university and Remo International College of Aviation.
  • 4. In case a student gets placed on his/her own initiative or through the assistance provided by the academy. It will be the responsibility of the student to appear for both semester examinations. In order to complete the course and receive diploma, this however has to be done within six months from the date of final exam conducted.
  • 5. The trainee is liable to pay for damages if any caused to the equipments, books etc belonging to the academy.
  • 6. A no objection certificate must be obtained from the management.


  • 1. A diploma/certificate will be issued only on successful completion of the course.
  • 2. If a trainee does not collect the diploma/certificate within one month from the date of intimation regarding the readiness of the same. Remo International College of Aviation will not be responsible for the re-issuance of the Diploma/Certificate.


  • 1. Remo International College of Aviation may revise, amend or change any or all of the foregoing rules from time to time as per requirements.
  • 2. In case of any doubt regarding the interpretation of rules, the Center Director may be consulted.


Remo International College of Aviation is committed to the training and development of its trainees who are keen on making a career in diversified fields. It has adopted a “consultative” approach in its training. It follows a development/mentor model of training, which emphasizes the acquisition and progressive advancement of professional skills through Supervisions, Modeling and teaching. The theory sessions are conducted in the form of classroom training.


Remo International College of Aviation uses a judicious blend of strategically designed Assessment tolls to provide data for the evaluation. Assessments are the measurement of the practical results of the training in the work environment. The students are assessed from time to time through a series of activities and various techniques.


Our students are provided with 1 month of training in association with pre approved club or a swimming pool which enhances their personality and makes them more confident.


  • 1. The strategic alliance department looks after the placement assistance of eligible outgoing trainees of all diploma and certificate courses.
  • 2. Trainees who are about to compete the course and who meet the norms laid down by Remo International College of Aviation are eligible to avail placement assistance offered by Remo International College of Aviation.
  • 3. To avail of the academy’s placement assistance. The trainees would also be required to sign a bond/agreement with Remo International College of Aviation as per the terms and conditions laid down by Remo International College of Aviation. Any trainee found violating the terms and conditions of the Bond/ Agreement will be penalized.
  • 4. When trainee deciles a job offer, there by negating the efforts of the strategic alliance department, he/she shall not be eligible for any future placement assistance.
  • 5. If a trainee refuses or fails to attend an interview arranged/recommended by the strategic alliance departments, his/her name may be removed from the placement list.
  • 6. Note: It is also needs to be understood by the trainee that it is not just Remo International College of Aviation responsibility to groom the trainee, but also the trainee’s sincere and consistent effort and coordination to go the extra mile on the guidelines given, which is sought so that the combined effort can facilitate successful placements. Placed students are expected to deposit a copy of their appointment letter to be maintained as a record so that the academy can provide those students with relevant opportunities arising in the future.

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