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B.Sc. in Fashion Designing in Chennai

Why Should You Choose Fashion Design as a Career?

The field of ‘Fashion’ is an extremely ground-breaking and exciting one. As the element of creativity is inherent in this domain, it has been and will continue to be a highly competitive space. Apart from satisfying the fundamental craving to make a living, the Fashion industry bestows people with fame and glamour. It gives them the rare privilege of becoming trendsetters in the domain.

Just imagine, if your love for designing clothes is taken to an entirely new high and translated seamlessly into a professional journey of your choice! This is certainly possible in reality and that’s what our B.Sc. in Fashion Design program can do for you.

Our Program

Our three-year undergraduate program focusses on imparting specialized skills pertaining to jewellery design, accessory design, garment design, footwear design, interior design and leather design. It provides ample guidance to stay on top of the trends in the industry. The artistic skills of students will be honed to infuse creativity into a wide selection of clothes, textiles, jewelleries, footwear and luggage. The program gives the requisite exposure to the subtle market trends and sensibilities of the fashion market.

Accreditation Details

Remo International College of Aviation offers the B.Sc. in Fashion Design program, in collaboration with Alagappa University.

Career Opportunities

We help ambitious fashion designers nurture their talent for a great future with our three-year undergraduate program. The program makes it possible for students to enter the industry under different capacities pertaining to Costume Designing, Fashion Illustration, Art Direction, Industrial Designing, Ornament Designing and a Lot More!

Benefits of Joining the B. Sc Program at Remo International College

Our program enables students to-

  • improve their communication skills
  • develop their overall personalities
  • receive training in model classrooms that are similar to real Aircrafts
  • get live training in Airports
  • benefit from teaching faculties who had been directly associated with Airlines
  • DGCA Conversion
  • RTR transmission practical

  • Our Emphasis

    As a distinguishing characteristic, our students are given adequate level of exposure to the following:

    1.Analytical Drawing

    It gives an overview of the projections and shapes of drawing to give a perspective about Fashion to students. It helps design garments, personal accessories, wearable art costumes, fabrics, woven textiles, experimental weaving, embroidery and printed textiles

    2.Jewellery Design

    It covers the fundamental concepts of Jewellery Design and introduces students to various concepts and methodologies of the design

    3.Fabric Dyeing and Printing

    It helps students understand the concept of dyeing and printing and the relevance it holds in Fashion Designing

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